Calendar 2022 - Fruits from Palestine

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No matter where you go in Palestine, your eyes will spot a colourful green shop, a fruit cart parked in the middle of the street, or a farmer sitting on the pavement offering the best crops from her or his own backyard. The Palestinian people have always taken pride in their land and in their legacy of farming; its everyone’s dream to have a house with a garden, with fruitful trees to cultivate and harvest year-round.

This year, we decided to take you on a journey through the mouth-watering fruits of Palestine; an eye-pleasing, colorful journey that stirs the emotions. Palestine may be a small place, but thanks to the richness of the soil, the consistency of the climate, and the ancient farming techniques of its people, there is plenty on offer.

Almost all the fruit in Palestine is locally grown, and thus seasonal. In this calendar, we are matching each fruit with its season of growth and maturity. While you go through these lush fruits, remember where they come from, the hands that planted their trees, the hands of those who harvested them, and the challenges they went through to make them available on your table.

In Palestine, the smell and the taste of each fruit is intrinsically tied to a village or city. Our lemons come from Jericho, while our oranges originate from our beloved Jaffa. The best watermelon is from Jenin, while peaches, plums and guava come from neighbouring Qalqilya. Figs are best in Nablus, while cactus is often found on mountains and hilltops. If you are lucky enough to visit Gaza in the right season, don’t come back before visiting the strawberry fields, where you can find the most succulent ones in all of Palestine.

Palestine is very colourful, and has something to offer for every taste. With this calendar in hand, we invite you to celebrate and reflect on the endless chronicles of the Palestinian story. We also hope the calendar will be a useful tool to mark off your days, and remember your important occasions.

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