Rumi: Swallowing the Sun

Rumi: Swallowing the Sun

Jalal Al-Din Rumi

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Addressing the ultimate desire in mankind for meaning and fulfillment, the poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi transcends temporal and cultural boundaries, providing a rich tapestry of wisdom and beauty for lovers of poetry the world over. Through his writing, the spiritual journey inwards becomes an outward journey into the arms of the all-encompassing, a journey towards overcoming the superficialities of life, and towards embracing the divine in everyday experience. Profound and widely admired throughout history, his words are as relevant today as ever, still resonating with contemporary concerns of both East and West alike. Commemorating the 800th anniversary of Rumi’s birth, this beautiful volume draws from the breadth of Rumi’s work, spanning his prolific career from start to finish. From the uplifting to the mellow, it will prove inspirational to both aficionados of Rumi’s work and readers discovering the great poet for the first time.

Translated by Franklin Lewis

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