About Us

The “Educational Bookshop” (EB) was born in the year 1984 through a simple twist of fate.

Today, the EB is a well established and leading bookstore focusing on Middle Eastern culture and the Arab-Israeli conflict. The books are mostly research-based and published by highly respected institutions and publishers world-wide. Our book collection also includes a selection of Arabic literature, guidebooks, dictionaries and Arabic teaching books.

In addition, the EB carries all kinds of stationery and office supplies; maps; local and foreign magazines & newspapers; as well as an audio-visual selection of DVDs and music. Express photocopying, laminating and binding services are also available. To top it off we operate a rapid and professional delivery service.

Our flagship location "Books @ Café" has received uplifting reviews from local as well as international media. The three floor premises are the home for the first Segafredo cafe in Jerusalem. We hope the combination of tasty Italian coffee and our comprehensive book selection is indeed the best recipe for quality time in Jerusalem.

The bookshop constantly organizes book launches, talks, film screening and other culture activities. Join the mailing list to stay up-to-date with our events.

"In Palestine, very few things work out as one plans. Dreams are shattered every day. But as they lurch from one era to another on the perpetual political roller-coaster, Palestinians take with them resilience, generosity, family feeling, concern for others and an endless supply of stories which never make it into print. And that is the real story of the Educational Bookshop" Leyla Zuaiter