The Future of Palestine: How Discrimination Hinders Change

Tamar Haddad

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This book is inspired by the shocking “honor killing” of the author’s classmate and friend, Israa Ghrayeb. Her alleged crime? The simple act of going out, in broad daylight, with her fiancé and his sister—an act Ghrayeb’s cousin maintained was unacceptable in a conservative society. While Ghrayeb’s killers may be free, their manner of thinking is anything but.

In The Future of Palestine, author Tamar Haddad seeks to open minds to diverse perspectives and to give voice to those who are commonly marginalized in conservative Palestinian society. 

In a world where prejudice is all too familiar, The Future of Palestine suggests that change can occur through:

  • Engaging in theoretical readings such as post colonialism, Orientalism, psychoanalysis, nationalism, race theory, queer theory, feminism, and marxism 
  • Sharing stories of marginalized Palestinians
  • Providing non-Palestinians with a background about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

This book is for those who reject discrimination against the marginalized and wish to make a difference. Coming together and discussing Palestinian history, identity, trauma, the notion of religion, women, race, sexual orientation, and class should change us all for the better.



“An important book. . . . Poignant.” - Noam Chomsky, American theoretical linguist 

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