Jerusalem: Arab Social Life, Traditions, and Everyday Pleasures

Jerusalem: Arab Social Life, Traditions, and Everyday Pleasures

Subhi S. Ghosheh

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Jerusalem is one of the worlds unique cities more than twenty times it has been the object of invading conquerors. Yet it has managed to maintain its Arabic culture and traditions in the face of overwhelming odds successfully emerging time and time again. But, beginning with its part occupation in 1948, its full occupation in 1967, and continuing through today, the Israeli claim on Jerusalem and the governments efforts to change its identity, threatens, finally, to eradicate the traditional Arab culture of the city. Professor Ghosheh argues against this eradication in a study that is informative and demanding.


Covering birth, marriage, and death, household structure and family, gender roles, food and games, and folk medicine, superstitions and religious festivals, Ghosheh, a member of the Palestinian National Council, paints a picture of a traditional Jerusalem in which 'good human and ethical habits' yield a community of social cooperation-- "Publishers Weekly"

Ghosheh...presents an Arab perspective on the cultural history of his native Jerusalem. He describes traditions that he says have been threatened by the Israeli occupation; the major holidays of the three major faiths that consider the city holy; and an earlier time when religious tolerance reigned.-- "Book News"

Ghosheh, a founding of the Jerusalem Deportees Committee and a member of the Palestinian National Council, describing Jerusalem as 'a city of unique grief, ' states that the city has managed to maintain its Arabic culture and traditions- Islamic, Christian, and Jewish- and has emerged victorious time and time again.-- "Islamic Horizons"

What makes this volume fascinating and informative is the way the author links social habits, traditions, and common practices to the historical and religious context...This book is a wonderful presentation of Palestinian life in a city that packs more culture and history than anywhere else in the world... It is a must-read for anyone interested in seriously engaging with and understanding the Palestinian traditions of Jerusalem.-- "This Week in Palestine"

About the Author

Subhi S. Ghosheh is a renowned expert on the history of Jerusalem and a prolific writer on Palestinian culture. He is the chair of the Jerusalem Library in Amman, Jordan and is a founding member of the Jerusalem Deportees Committee. He is also a member of the Palestinian National Council.

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