Colloquial Levantine Dictionary (English-Arabic)

Shireen Sayyad

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This English-Arabic Colloquial Levantine dictionary provides the most common and useful vocabulary and verbs of everyday life.


Clear and easy to use, it delivers the words and verbs you need and enables quick and easy understanding.

The dictionary is designed for students of all levels of Arabic, it is a tool to succeed in learning the dialect and acquire the necessary skills to effectively communicate in Arabic in Palestine and the Middle East.

It is an English-Arabic dictionary in Latin script form as well to help with the correct pronunciation for students without or with a moderate knowledge of the Arabic script.

Verb chart conjugations and samples are also included at the end of the book to give the students a key to work with the different types of verbs. In addition, we have included also a list of the most used active participles in the daily conversations.

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