A Dictionary of The Spoken Arabic of Jerusalem Qaamuus Il-Quds

Omar Othman

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With Tom Neu, Omar Othman presents a thoroughly improved edition of the most useful English-Arabic dictionary ever. Using Colloquial Palestinian Dialect that is particular to Jerusalem but also understood throughout Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and neighbouring countries.

Advantages of this reference guide:

  • Lists over 25'000 currently used words and expressions
  • Contains the words and phrases you are most likely to use
  • Helpful words for shopping, cooking, and making friends
  • Covers politics, security, business, and religious studies
  • Uses a simplified system for writing and pronouncing Arabic
  • Provides all nouns and verb forms needed to deduce others
  • Arranged for convenient reference whenever you need it
  • Gives you a quick start, even if you never studied Arabic

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