A History Of Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths

A History Of Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths

Karen Armstrong

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Jerusalem has cast more of a spell over the human imagination than any other city in the world. Held by the faithful to contain the mountain upon which Abraham offered up Isaac, the site of the Hebrew Temple, the hill of the Christ's crucifixion, the tomb of the Virgin Mary and the rock from which the Prophet Muhammed ascended to heaven, the city has been celebrated and revered for centuries by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Karen Armstrong's elegant study of this most contested and beautiful of cities introduces us with eloquence and passion to a difficult and complex place, the crossroads, and too often battleground, of the world's three greatest religions. It has never been more relevant than in this era of Middle Eastern conflict. 

'A History of Jerusalem should be read, not only by travellers and potential travellers in Jerusalem, but by all of us. Jerusalem remains the most remarkable place in the world and Karen Armstrong is as good as a guide we could want' - Stephen Tummin, Daily Telegraph.

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