Colloquial Arabic Stories - Intermediate and Advanced

Shireen Sayyad

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This book contains 25 short stories designed for upper-intermediate and lower-advanced learners of colloquial Arabic.

It can be used for students of Arabic whose aim is to master practical words of everyday vocabulary, verbs, and expressions through stories with different themes and topics.

The stories used in the book will proved insight into understanding the culture and language of the people. Other stories have been taken from a wide variety of resources and have been edited and simplified for learning purposes.

These stories are presented in Arabic but new vocabulary and some of the exercises are presented in English, to facilitate learning within the classroom and also self-study.

Each story is followed by a series of questions and exercises to enable you to focus on enjoying reading, improving the use of vocabulary, and understanding the language.

Topics vary from Juha and his donkey to nature, crime, and social and moral lessons of life.

The stories will develop your communication skills throughout Palestine, Jordan as wells as in Lebanon and Syria.


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