Hamas: A Beginner's Guide

Hamas: A Beginner's Guide

Khaled Hroub

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The United States views Hamas as a terrorist organization. Yet, to the great surprise of many, Hamas swept to victory in the 2006 Palestinian Authority elections. Hamas is now a democratically elected political party.

This is the first beginner's guide to this controversial political organization. Explaining the reasons for Hamas's success, this book provides the key facts that are so often missing from conventional news reports. It's a one-stop guide that gives a clear overview of Hamas's history, key beliefs, and its political agenda.

Written by a leading Al-Jazeera journalist and Cambridge academic, this unique book provides a refreshing perspective that gets to the heart of the reasons behind Hamas's victory. It provides a critical overview of Hamas's attitudes toward Israel, including religious beliefs and suicide bombings, its attitude toward the P.L.O., and its program of grassroots social work within Palestine.

The reality of Hamas's victory means that the West will now have to engage with it more seriously if there is to be peace in the Middle East. This book provides the first essential step toward a better understanding of the challenges and surprises that the future may hold.

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