Hidden Histories - Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean

Hidden Histories - Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean

Basem Ra'ad

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For thousands of years, the region of Palestine and the East Mediterranean has been denied an indigenous voice for an inclusive history. Three religions ascribe their origins to this part of the world, appropriating and re-appropriating the "Holy Land" time and again.

Hidden Histories offers a powerful corrective to common understandings. It emphasizes Palestine's long history and dispels many old and new myths – covering issues of religious origins and sacred sites, identity and self-colonization, and the retrieval of ancient heritage.

“A thoughtful, engaging, and original book, it is perhaps the first corrective history of Palestine, its people, its region, and its culture” -- Naseer Aruri, Chancellor Professor (Emeritus) of Political Science, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
"Hidden Histories is a brilliant tour de force of recovery, decolonization, re-vision, and inclusivity"-- Hilton Obenzinger, Stanford University  
"Those who seek any understanding of a most misunderstood region should read carefully Ra'ad's meticulous retracing of its overwrought human record" -- Djelal Kadir, Pennsylvania State University
"A study in deep time, wide space.... an anthropology of the present" -- Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Columbia University
“Ra’ad carries his impressive erudition lightly. He even has a chapter on the ‘Cats of Jerusalem.’ He introduces his Epilogue with, ‘This is not my last chapter. It is the beginning of another book.’ Let us hope so, and as soon as possible, please.” – Jane Adas, The Link

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