Holy Land?: Challenging Questions From The Biblical Landscape

Andrew D. Mayes

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Holy Land? draws us into the evocative landscape of the Holy Land itself. Sacred yet scarred, the lands of the Bible stimulate us to think about a range of issues that are both urgent and timeless. In Jerusalem, a veritable melting pot of cultures, we meditate on the question, What is home? At the River Jordan, where John the Baptist delivered his radical call to repentance and baptism, we ask, Who am I? In the cave of Christ's burial and resurrection in the Holy Sepulchre, we wonder, How can I face the darkness? Confronted by the vast desolation of the desert, we cry, Dare I be alone with God? And negotiating the obstacle-strewn Road to Emmaus, we consider, Am I ready for change?. Holy Land? will benefit those preparing to undertake a physical pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and those seeking a spiritual resource to deepen the life of faith and discipleship.

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