Leo The African

Leo The African

Amin Maalouf

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From his childhood in Fez, having fled the Christian Inquisition, through his many journeys to the East as an itinerant merchant, Hasan's story is a quixotic catalogue of pirates, slave girls and princesses, encompassing the complexities of a world in a state of religious flux. Hasan too is touched by the instability of the era, performing his hadj to Mecca, then converting to Christianity, only to relapse back to the Muslim faith later in life.

In re-creating his extraordinary experiences, Amin Maalouf sketches an irresistible portrait of the Mediterranea world as it was nearly five centuries ago – the fall of Granada, the Ottoman conquest of Egypt, Renaissance Rome under the Medicis: all contribute to a background of spectacular colour, matched only by the picaresque adventures of Hasan’s life.

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