Nothing To Lose But Your Life: An 18-Hour Journey with Murad

Suad Amiry

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The story of a Palestinian woman's harrowing trek as she shadows illegal workers crossing into the town of Petah Tikva in Israel, this book encapsulates eighteen hours that contain countless moments of mortal danger.

A tomboy at heart, driven by adventure and a desire to understand what her less privileged compatriots go through, architect and university professor Suad Amiry disguises herself as a man and crosses the Israeli border illegally to seek work in the Israeli town of Petah Tikva. The 18-hour journey that she braves with Murad and his brother Mohammed starts with a bumpy late-night ride in a bus crammed with other illegal workers - all men - whose endless stories are both horrifying and amusing. "Nothing to Lose But Your Life" is a vivid account of a gruelling journey but also a lamentation for lost land and for simpler, more peaceful times.

'Amiry's writing skills show us that she is more than an ordinary woman in extraordinary circumstances' The Irish Times


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