On Antisemitism Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice in Palestine

Judith Butler

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When the State of Israel claims to represent all Jewish people, defenders of Israeli policy redefine antisemitism to include criticism of Israel. Antisemitism is harmful and real in our society. What must also be addressed is how the deployment of false charges of antisemitism or redefining antisemitism can suppress the global progressive fight for justice. There is no one definitive voice on antisemitism and its impact. Jewish Voice for Peace has curated a collection of essays that provides a diversity of perspectives and standpoints.


On Antisemitism…couldn't have come out at a better time…[The book] provides helpful context for this confusing political moment by showing how right-wing apologists for Israel have systematically redefined antisemitism to include anti-Zionism to silence and intimidate advocates for justice in Palestine.”  —Truthout

“A must-read for all involved in the struggle to build solidarity with the Palestinians today.” –Socialist Review

On Anti-Semitism is a powerful and necessary book and its impressive range of contributors – Jewish and  Palestinian – give voice to a variety of viewpoints.” –Prisma

The Contributors

  • Alexander Abbasi
  • Omar Barghouti
  • Tallie Ben Daniel
  • Ilise Benshushan Cohen
  • Judith Butler
  • Rachel Ida Buff
  • Walt Davis
  • Arthur Goldwag
  • Reverend Graylan Hagler
  • Dima Khalidi
  • Antony Lerman
  • Aurora Levins-Morales
  • Ben Lorber
  • Shaul Magid
  • Donna Nevel
  • Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
  • Rabbi Brant Rosen
  • Linda Sarsour
  • Rebecca Vilkomerson
  • Rabbi Alissa Wise
  • Orian Zakai
  • Kelsey Waxman

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