Palestine's Horizon: Toward a Just Peace

Richard Falk

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After enduring years of violent occupation, the Palestinian community is now exploring different avenues for peace. These include the pursuit of rights under international law in venues such as the UN and International Criminal Court while establishing a new emphasis on global solidarity and non-violent action through the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement, among others.

Richard Falk has been working within and studying the Israel/Palestine conflict for several decades, and in Palestine's Horizon, he looks closely at these transformations, offering a close analysis of one of the most controversial issues of our times.
Falk explores the intricacies and interconnections within the history and politics of Israel and Palestine while delving into the complicated relationships the conflict has created within the global community. He refutes the notion that the Palestinian struggle is a lost cause and offers new tactics and possibilities for change.

He also puts the ongoing conflict in context, reflecting on the legacy of Edward Said and drawing on the importance of his ideas as a humanist model for peace that is mindful of the formidable difficulties that come with achieving a solution to the long struggle. One of the most established and authoritative voices on the conflict, Falk now presents his most sustained and focused historical overview to date.

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