Palestinian NGOs in Israel: The Politics of Civil Society

Shany Payes

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One in every six Israeli citizens is a Palestinian Arab. While much has been written about the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza, the struggle for political rights by Palestinian citizens of Israel remains largely unexplored. Shany Payes offers a fresh look at this struggle through analysis of the increasingly growing sector of Palestinian non-governmental organisations. Charting the political history of these associations over the last quarter of a century and running right up to developments during the recent Intifada, she analyses the political repression of Palestinian civil society by the Israeli state and attempts by Palestinian NGOs in Israel to build a civil society in the face of such oppression. 'Palestinian NGOs' is required reading for all those interested in the Israel-Palestine conflict, minority rights and civil society. A lively and orginal contribution to a field in which there is already much interest but where few works of any substance have been produce.

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