The Anteater And The Jaguar: Is This Our Destiny? A Story From The Oasis Of Peace

Rayek R. Rizek

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The Middle East has undergone vast, often sudden changes since World War I, and this lack of stability leads to conflict. But while the political situation in Israel and Palestine is complex, peace is not impossible.

Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom (Oasis of Peace), an intentional community of Jews and Palestinians (Christians and Muslims), has become known the world over for its unique approach to conflict and interfaith dialogue. Receiving tens of thousands of visitors a year, this community has learned what it means to live in harmony despite long-standing differences between cultures and deep-seated strife in the surrounding area.

Despite its success, little has been written about the Oasis of Peace—until now. Rayek R. Rizek, one of its founding members, has served his community in government, public relations, and now the written word. In a memoir that is not to be missed, Rizek pulls back the curtain on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and demonstrates that, with fellowship and diligence, even entrenched discord can be overcome.

Rabbi Dr. Marc Gopin of George mason University,Arlington VA, wrote: Rayek Rizek's Masterful Volume is a unique contribution to the story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict like none I have ever read before. I have been studying,writing and working inside this conflict for 32 years. Never have I seen this combination of insights about the past, the presence and the future, about the self in the context of conflict, about the central importance of story, the taking of personal responsibility, and the inescapable unity of the land and its peoples. If you seek a spell-binding story,an odyssey into the soul, and a beacon of hope beyond war, enter here.Emeritus Professor Oliver Ramsbotham of Bradford University UK, wrote: Rayek Rizek's book is essential reading, not only for those wanting to find out about the unique Oasis of Peace voluntary experiment in Jewish/Palestinian cohabitation, where the author has lived for 33 years, but also about the wider conflict.The Anteater and the Jaguar is that rare thing - a book that offers the reader the fruits of a lifetime of action, study and commitment by a principled and highly impressive participator.

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