The Hilltop

The Hilltop

Assaf Gavron

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A brilliant and hilarious satirical novel about the state of twenty-first century Israel

 On a rock-strewn hilltop in the heart of the West Bank stands a lone second-hand shipping container, a generator and some goats. On this contested land, Othniel Assis – under the wary gaze of the neighboring Palestinian village – installs his ever-expanding family. As he cheerfully manipulates government agencies, more settlers arrive and, with a hodge-podge of bankers, teachers, kibbutzniks and townies, religious and secular, the outpost takes root. But when a curious journalist stumbles into their midst, the settlement becomes the focus of an international diplomatic scandal.


An extraordinary view of contemporary Israeli society... There is much else to admire in the book... it is something entirely new'
The Guardian

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