Voices From Abu Dis: Living Under Israeli Occupation

Nandita Dowson, Abdul Wahab Sabbah

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This book consists of personal accounts by Palestinians in Abu Dis, a town in the East Jerusalem suburb now surrounded and cut off by the Israeli Separation Wall, by military checkpoints and by massively expanding Israeli settlements. These letters and stories sent to friends in Camden show something of what life is like for the people of Abu Dis sixty years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The residents tell of the ways their lives are made miserable, desperate and impoverished by the Israeli military occupation, the military laws, theft of land, polluting of water, refusal of access to hospital, beating, imprisonment and killing. "We have realised that there is something important but so obvious to people in Abu Dis that they often don't explain it... the Israelis who arrived in Palestine as military occupiers are not interested in living together with the Palestinians, but in taking over the land." The book contains maps, further information and resources to help western readers to understand this as an urgent human rights issue.

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