We Are Here to Stay

Tawfiq Zayyad

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Combining traditional Arabic verse-forms and free-verse, We Are Here to Stay some of his best-known poems about the Nakba, about life under military occupation, discrimination, imprisonment and land-seizures, as well as poems about family and love. Written with characteristic defiance, grace and wisdom.

This bilingual selection of poems by Tawfiq Zayyad will join Smokestack’s other poets from the Arab-speaking world – Amir Darwish (Syria), Chawki Abdelamir (Iraq), Anna Greki (Algeria) and Palestinian poets Ghassan Zaqtan, Reja-e Busailah and Farid Bitar, as well as Smokestack’s anthologies Poets and the Algerian War and A Blade of Grass: New Palestinian Poetry.

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