In the shadow of men

Nadia Harhash

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In the Shadows of Men is a brave novel which reflects the lives of women in the East through a personal perspective of one woman’s experience.

A journey inside a life of a Palestinian, Arab, Muslim woman who emerges from a patriarchal setup of a life that is strongly secured with male dominance, but continues to exist on the verge of the shadows of men.
Male figures dominant in her life from the moment of birth and accompanies her throughout her life.
It combines narrative and descriptive styles to bring the story of one woman and her mixture of emotions and experiences, that touch the lives of men and women alike.

In the shadows of men is a journey inside the depth of a woman, with her expectations and disappointments. Her escaping dreams and forced nightmares. Her challenges and her aspirations. Her strengths and here weaknesses.

As she maneuvers her life between motherhood and womanhood. Between sacrifice and giving. Love and compassion. Rage and anger.

A life of adaptation and revolting.
A life of struggle and a non-stop attempts of resilience and resistance. Surviving, or attempting to survive within and throughout the different layers and verges of patriarchal bonds and military occupation.
A life of a woman who walks away from men and their shadows.

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