The Ghoul

Taghreed Najjar

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A story about facing your fears and accepting differences, inspired by Arabic folk tales.

The villagers are afraid of the "Ghoul." For years, they've tiptoed around the village for fear of disturbing it. The monster doesn't look like them, and it is believed to eat humans.

One day, the brave Hasan embarks on a dangerous mission to face the long-feared Ghoul. When Hasan finally meets the Ghoul living on top of the mountain, he discovers that the Ghoul is just as terrified of people as they are of him. Hasan and the Ghoul realize that they can still be friends, despite their differences.

The Ghoul is a beautifully illustrated story that can be used as a springboard to discuss how we perceive those who are different and how our fears and prejudices may be built on false assumptions.

“A stimulating and funny fantasy about acceptance… great potential to serve caregivers and educators in facilitating discussions about perceiving_and more importantly, accepting_the ‘other’ despite differences and initial assumptions.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

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