Wives: the H of Heaven in Hell

Somoud Damiri

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In this book, Judge Somoud Damiri shares part of her judicial experience of more than a decade working in the Palestinian legal system. This book has insights into how family instability can be disrupted and lead to public disputes in the judicial system. As A legal professional serving young adults and individuals of all ages, she has had the privilege of assisting in a wide range of cases, including transactions, marriage and divorce proceedings, parentage disputes, minor and orphan affairs, inheritance disputes, and many others. Throughout Judge Damiri's career, she has had the opportunity to work with litigants from all corners of Palestine. She reviewed thousands of cases and considered countless lawsuits, often without prior knowledge of the parties involved. In this book, she shares a fascinating observation of the parties involved. At the same time, analyzing the different interactions and approaches taken by litigants, even when the underlying legal issue is the same.


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